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This tee is THEE cutest. Tan with mocha sleeves. As always - soft & cozy. Wear it to bed, or style it with a pair of baggy can do both...which makes it the best kind of t-shirt;-)


One of a kind.

'Oversized Brown Tee'

Excluding Sales Tax
  • This collection consists of pre-loved hoodies, crew necks, & T's given 'new life' w/ ink and/or embroidery.

    Titled 'Hurting ppl need Hope' to remind the one that knows Jesus how much HOPE they have in Him, and how much JOY they can have by sharing that hope with others.

    It's so easy to get comfortable w/ our faith, claim it as our own, and go on with our lives - occupying ourselves with our own agendas and spending our time w/ the ppl we love most. But what about reaching ppl that don't have hope?

    What if everyone that knows Jesus would live their life like someone else's eternity depends on them? Jesus gave us the gift of hope, and now it’s in our hands to share w/ the world :-)
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