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We are dedicated to combining our purpose in Christ w/ our passion for meaningful products & designs by offering our community an intentionally curated selection of clothing, accessories, & art.


While W/ & 4 is passionate about fashion, sustainability, creativity, and meaningful words - we exist to spread the message of the gospel; the hope, healing, and NEW LIFE that it provides. 

We want customers to walk away knowing their purchases are supporting GOOD CAUSES that will touch people's lives now & eternally. 

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What does W/ & 4 mean?

The name of our shop is inspired by our belief that what we do and why we do it MATTERS. 

We believe that mankind was created to do life W/ God & 4 God. 

Part of doing life W/ God & 4 God means...

Working w/ passion, 4 a purpose.

Creating w/ intention, 4 a cause.

Serving w/ people, 4 people.

Resting w/ joy, 4 good reason. 

In addition to this, we believe that living life abundant starts with believing God is w/ us & 4 us. 

So what does W/ & 4 mean? We'll just let you choose a 'W/ & 4' statement that speaks to YOUR heart the most.

What kind of products do we sell?

Many of our products are pre-loved. Many of our products are handmade. Some of our products are sourced. And all of our products are selected and/or designed with intention.

Why do we sell pre-loved clothing?

We intentionally select pre-loved clothing because we enjoy finding the gold in pieces that someone else gave up on. Giving clothes 'new life'/ redeeming them with a little love is our creative way of spreading the message of NEW LIFE that comes to anyone who will allow the love of Jesus to find and redeem them.

What sets our shop apart from other shops?

We intentionally support vendors that share in our mission to not only create products that you'll love, but also, spread HOPE to a world that desperately needs it. 

What kind of designs can you expect from us?

We intentionally create designs that will spark conversations between you and a friend or you and a stranger. We don't believe that our designs will impact the world as deeply as the people wearing them will. PEOPLE are vehicles for the message of hope to travel through - and the message of hope being spread often starts with a small conversation.


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