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Made For More 

 - our pursuit of community 

Made for More is a community focused on coming together and building each other up in our shared pursuit of Jesus.

We believe that a huge part of doing life w/ God & 4 God is doing life w/ others & 4 others. 

Coming together for worship, prayer, the Word, fellowship, and shared testimony is a beautiful way to stay inspired and united as we walk through the highs and lows of this life!

For now, gatherings are local only - and details will always be announced via instagram. 

If you want to be personally notified about upcoming gatherings - fill out the info. below! :)

What does Made for More mean?

Made for More is a concise way of communicating that those of us who believe in Jesus are no longer limited to doing things in our own strength. We have been gifted the Holy Spirit. When we walk in step with the Holy Spirit, we will find access to more faith. More prayer. More community. More hope. More healing. More reconciliation. & More joy. God has created us with intention, and his grace has placed a longing inside of humanity for 'more'. The catch is that 'more' will only ever be found in the new life Jesus offers.

What are the core values of this community?

To read more about our core values, visit the 'Gatherings' tab on the menu above! Or click HERE.

Who plans our events?

Something that we love about these gatherings is that there is no "one" specific person that plans each event. Each gathering is a result of many people coming together, putting their gifts and abilities to use - and creating a space for people to connect. 

What if I don't live local?

We hope that our gatherings might inspire you to organize something for people in your area! Whether it be a small bible study, a night of worship, or something unique that God places on your heart - we encourage you to just GO FOR IT. 


Get personally notified about upcoming gatherings! 

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